June 17th Boccia Tournament

Link to registration form: Niagara open Boccia Qualifier registrantion form 2017

Link for tournament letter for Penguin athletes: Invite for BNP Boccia Quailfer 2017

Link to information flyer:  BNP Boccia Quailfier June 17th.2017-1



Brock Niagara Penguins is for youth and adults with a physical disability.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • This program is for athletes with physical disabilities aged 6 plus.
  • Boccia program athletes will have a severe physical disability
  • Wheelchair basketball athletes will have a physical disability with the ability to propel themselves sufficiently in a sport wheelchair.
  • Swim athletes will have a physical disability and are comfortable in the water.
  • All programs are group based with a support ratio of 4:1.

Able-bodied players interested in playing wheelchair basketball are welcome, please discuss available space with the head coach.

Siblings of swimmers can swim in the Olympic Way Brock Niagara Aquatics program or do swimming lessons at the same time.

To register all athletes will need to:

    1. Print out the Application- Sessions and Code of Conduct 2016-17
  1. Print out  and review the Athlete Application 2016-17 forms
  2. Fill in all three pages of the printed Athlete Application Form
  3. Completed registration forms and fees must be submitted at the Recreational Services Welcome Desk at Brock University before the start of the session (in person or on-line registration). Space is limited for all three programs.
  4. All new athletes are required to arrange a trial visit to ensure that the program is a proper fit for both the athlete and the needs of the program.


 Click here to read: athlete newletter 2016-17