Athlete Profiles

Introducing your 2014/15 Wheelchair Basketball Athletes:

The 4 Captains of the House league:
Gloria has played for 4 years

Loretta: has played 8 years and is interested in all kinds of sports; disability awareness

Jon has played 8 years and is iterested in sports &camp; coaching

Natasha has played for 3 years and is interested in tennis, football and video games

The Players in alphabetical order:
Abby : joined 2014

Anastasia: joined in Dec 2012

Endrit: joined in 2013

Jessie: joined in 2013

Lindsay has played for 8 years

Paige: joined in 2013

Rachel: has played for 8 years and is interested in writing and reading

Trisha : joined January 2015

Wilson: joined in 2012