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Penguins are ready to start their 9th year in September 2014. A competitive and house league wheelchair basketball program, swim team and swim program and a Paralympic boccia team are being offered in the fall program. Please check the calendar (rightside) for program dates and events.

2014 Applications for new and returning athletes and volunteers are now available in the Register and How You Can Help upper tab. We encourage new athletes to contact us and come out to try at any time !

Please read the Volunteer Description and Athlete Code of Conduct and New Eligibility Criteria in the above tabs.  Fall Newsletters for Athletes and Volunteers are available for download.

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January - March Dates now posted

Dates for the wheelchair basketball, boccia and swimming practices are now posted in the calendar section for Session 2 January – March 2015.

  • Please note that Boccia athletes will need to register for the 2nd session (14 wks – 60$)
  • Please note that based on the March Break – swim session will only be 8 weeks, swimmers will need to register (60$)
  • Any new athletes to wheelchair basketball starting in January fees will be prorated.

Home Opener - Toronto vs. Montreal - Picture from the raffle ticket winner and his brother!

Winner of Raffle Ticket

House League

The 2014/15 Wheelchair Basketball House League season is up and running.

There are 4 Teams.

Fantastic Four captained by Jonathan

Flaming Cheetas captained by Rachel

The Flash captained by Natasha

Thunder Bears captained by Loretta


Team                                 Games                                            score                           points

                                    won    tied    lost                         for        against

Fantastic four                  1       1        1                           66               58                         5.5

Flaming Cheetas              2                 1                          46               50                           7

The Flash                        1                2                           42               42                          5

Thunder Bears                1         1       1                          50              54                          5.5


Top scorers

Jonathan        40

Gloria            20

Paige             16

Abby              16

Loretta           12

Sara              10

Anastasia          8

Rachel              8

Jessie               6

Lindsay             6

Rachel              4

Natasha             2

Volunteers needed and Athlete registration

Penguins is currently seeking strong and dependable University / College students in a related field of study to assist with the Thursday swim program and Wednesday Boccia program. Please contact Karen – niagarapenguins@brocku.ca and attach a scanned application form.

Athletes – registration is now open for all three programs. Please complete registration and pay fees with the Welcome Desk Recreational Services at Brock University  (phone or in person) and complete a Penguins application form, which can be scanned to the Penguins email address or dropped off at the Welcome Desk. Please note our new eligibility criteria.

Coaches announced for 2014-15 season

Penguins are excited to announce the 3 head coaches for this season

Wheelchair Basketball: James Davis

Swim Team: Erica Dugas

Boccia: Loretta Davis

All forms for 2014-15 season are ready for download

Applications, Sessions, Code of Conduct, Eligibility Criteria and Newsletters for athletes and volunteers are now available for downloading. Everyone (new and returning) must fill out an application form and ensure they register with Recreational Services at Brock University before the start of the program. If you are new to the program please contact us to arrange a free trial, if interested.

New Eligibility Criteria: Because of programs that are available in community, resources and knowledge of our volunteers and the future vision of the program, the eligibility criteria for all 3 programs has been adjusted. All athletes must be over 6 years of age, have a physical disability diagnosis and  have the ability to participate in a group with a support ratio of 4:1. If you have any questions or concerns about this criteria please contact us to discuss. We can inform you of other program in the community that may met your needs.

New Pictures posted on Flickr

Check out the Flickr link on the right hand side to view the new pictures of the Wheelchair Basketball awards and pictures of the some of the athletes trying out rowing!

Penguins vs. Badgers - 38 to 17!!

On March 26th, as part of the Student Justice Centre awareness week, the Niagara Penguins played the Women’s Badger Basketball team. Pictures of the game are posted in the Flirkr photo link on the right hand side of the home page. Special thanks to Adam for organizing the game and Dan, Jill and Jordan who represented the PEKN council and presented the team with the cheque from the “Pie in the Face” fundraiser.

Tetra Society - Switch control Boccia Ramp

Thanks to Jim Rennie and others at the Tetra Society, the program now has a new boccia ramp that has an electronic switch to release the ball. They have posted a short clip for all to view : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRwFrxc-Yi8

Penguins is profiled in National Initiative - Changemakers

Congratulations to the club for being recognized as a leader:




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